The Company 

111 is owned and operated by Trish McGath. Trish has extensive experience in baking and cake design. She is known for her detailed and elaborate craftsmanship and is favored by many for the great taste of her products. This former cake decorating instructor has always dreamed of opening her own Cakery but raising a family with her husband Randy has always been the top priority so the Cakery was put on hold. Now the kids are older and the opportunity presented itself for Trish to be a part of the newly renovated Penn Arts Building at 111 E. 16th Street in downtown Indianapolis. Trish was immediately drawn to the charm of The Old Northside Historic District and knew she had to be part of bringing it back to life. Trish wanted to embrace the heritage of the Penn Arts building and decided to incorporate the 111 into the name of her new the 111 Cakery was born!

Products and Services

111 Cakery offers custom designed cakes and confections made from high quality ingredients. The company takes pride in offering the best tasting products in the area. 111 plans to start with custom design special order cakes, as well as ready-made cakes, cookies, brownies, novelty bakery items and a line of gourmet coffee for daily traffic. 

The Market

The retail bakery industry in the U.S. has historically experienced consistent demand due to a steady flow of weddings, birthdays and other celebrations that include cake and confections. There is an increased demand for extreme custom designs due to increased exposure from TV shows such as Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes and Cupcake Wars. This is an under serviced niche in the Indianapolis area due to the more traditional flavor of local bakeries. Trish McGath has experienced great success in this arena and plans to position 111 as the local leader in high end cake designs. High visibility, superior designs and products are critical to capture this segment of the market. The cakery will have a retail store front offering cakes, cupcakes, pastries and coffee to local clientele. 111 has also generated interest with local restaurants to be their provider of high-end desserts and pastries. The Company will utilize social media to maximize exposure throughout the Indianapolis area and grow its referral network of happy clients.

Keys to success

Know the customer, 
know what they expect, 
and know how to exceed those expectations.

One Eleven Cakery is an outlet to express our passion for cake by creating delicious works of art that reflect the personality of our client. We seek to establish life long customer relationships by exceeding even the highest expectations.

                                        Trish McGath


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